Patient’s Story

A few months after I stopped taking my medication, I felt certain that I was being followed. I talked to myself in my psychotic world, especially at night when I could not sleep.  I believed that people wanted to destroy me; to publish my thoughts. Dying seemed like the only solution. I thought about swallowing pills or cutting my veins.

Again, I was hospitalized.

My therapist suggested that we play a game.  I agreed.

I saw a card with the title “don’t take pills”

And a card with the title “take pills”

I tossed the dice and arranged the cards under the titles. 

These cards are powerful!

If they tell the truth this, it means that I should not stop the treatment

Because it will “screw up my life, big time”

The cards read: lack of communication with others; fear; evil thoughts and other scary messages.  It really showed it and the whole conversation really touched me. 

I was also surprised that he took me to his office and talked with me.

I felt that the therapist really cared and it touched my heart.

I gradually started to take my medications again.

I hope that I will never stop again.  The results aren’t worth it.