The Game

The “Game of Life” allows you, the therapist, to open a new dialogue with the patients. It allows you to have a respectful communicate which transforms the patient’s resistance to cooperation. This process will lead to self-awareness and insight about the benefits of medication treatment. The game will inspire the patient to evoke his own inner desire to take personal responsibility for the quality of life and understanding of the relationship between medication consistent with his various interfaces. The result of this high-quality communications practice will result in strengthening the therapeutic relationship, and hence your growing ability to influence the patient, not only about the consistency of taking the medication, but establishing a relationship based on trust, respect and honor you – the therapist.

What is the game basis?

The Game of Life is based on Motivational Theory. It encourages beneficial cooperation in relation to the patients’ drug therapy, while understanding the benefits that drugs and their significance for quality of life.

Is the game appropriate to group therapy?

The game is suitable for group discussion and allows extension of the benefits that taking medications on patients’ lives consistent in their various levels. Furthermore, the game allows you to create a supportive group dynamics and lead group discussion about various aspects of life of the patients – in addition to drug therapy management practice.

What about private therapy?

The game is certainly suitable for individual therapy which enables extensive exposure of the patient’s interaction with the world around him, on different aspects. Individual treatment reaches deeper layers of the patient’s life and allows calming his fears and discuss different obstacles that prevent him from reaching the extraction provides a lifetime.

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